MIAMI – The German leisure carrier, Condor, has brought back its iconic logo following the airline’s separation from the bankrupt Thomas Cook Airlines.

The iconic Condor logo was unveiled to the airline’s employees at Frankfurt am Main Airport, applied to the tail of one of the airline’s Boeing 767-300(ER)s (D-ABUF).

Over the next few weeks, Condor plans to change the logos on all aircraft and billboards. The airline, which still features the old Thomas Cook Sunny Heart logo on 99% of its fleet, wishes to go back to its roots and apply the original Condor logo.

Reportedly, Condor will leave the aircraft’s paintwork unaltered, only changing the tail portion with some paint or decals as the planes go in for line maintenance.

The reasoning for this change was released in a statement by the CEO of Condor, Ralf Teckentrup, who confirmed that “after the final separation from Thomas Cook, the Thomas Cook logo and the heart logo must be completely removed for trademark reasons.”

“After 16 years, the Condor logo will return to the tails of our aircraft, which makes especially every person working for Condor very proud,” Teckentrup continued. “Condor and our logo is a strong brand that has signified Germany’s most popular airline for 64 years.”

The first aircraft to sport the Condor logo will take off to Cancun, Mexico.

Photo: Javier Rodriguez

Condor currently operates a fleet of 49 aircraft, split between seven Airbus A320s, ten A321s, one A330, fifteen Boeing 757s, and sixteen Boeing 767s.

All of these aircraft operate on Condor’s short-haul, medium-haul and long-haul services to their over 80 destinations worldwide.

Following the collapse of Thomas Cook in September 2019, Condor become its own independent airline, but still retains the great service to its customers that it has always offered.