MIAMI — Today, Taiwan-based China Airlines received its tenth Airbus A350 XWB and joined a programme to use a blend of traditional and sustainable biofuels to power aircraft for Airbus delivery flights, making it the world’s second airline to acquire it.

The manufacturer developed the sustainable fuel option for delivery flights in association with Air Total, which is the aviation subsidiary of the global energy operator.

Likewise, Air Total installed the first biofuel station adjacent to the Airbus delivery center in Toulouse and, to date, 21 aircraft have been delivered by Airbus since the facility’s inauguration back in May 2016.

China Airlines Chairman Ho, Nuan-Hsuan, shared his perspective regarding the impact of aviation on the environment:

“China Airlines is proud to have taken delivery of its first aircraft to be partially powered by sustainable biofuel. This reflects our clear commitment to reduce the impact of aviation on the environment and to be among those airlines leading the way to use alternative fuel sources. With the A350 XWB in our fleet, we are already significantly reducing our carbon footprint and we are excited that this can be extended even further with the use of new biofuels.”

On the other side, Frederic Eychenne, Head of New Energies at Airbus, stated: “We are excited to welcome China Airlines to our sustainable fuel programme. Today’s delivery demonstrates once again that biofuels are a reality today. We are moving towards the regular use of new and sustainable energy sources in our industry, helping to meet the commitments of the international civil aviation community.”

Currently, the manufacturer is working towards introducing the option for the use of biofuels for delivery flights from its facilities in Hamburg, Germany and Mobile, US.

The first deliveries from these locations are expected to start in 2018. The following facility to begin with the use of biofuels will be the one located in Tianjin, China.

Airbus was the first manufacturer to provide its passengers the option of delivering new aircraft with a blend of sustainable fuel and, to reflect their high commitment towards eco-efficiency and develop its environmental strategy, intends to collaborate with all the biofuels stakeholders.