MIAMI — Cathay Pacific is making the first changes to its iconic logo in more than 20 years, saying now was time to update it. While the Hong Kong-based carrier will keep the outlines of the logo, it says it wants to simplify, clarify and beautify it by creating a more contemporary look.

“As a refined evolution of our identity, the refreshed brushwing logo that will help us to deliver a better, cleaner and more consistent customer experience through our design, our people, our service and our products,” said spokeswoman Elsa Leung. “The whole premise behind our work on this refresh of our brand, representing a new chapter for Cathay Pacific, is about making the customer experience more enjoyable, simpler and more relevant to what passengers aspire to today.”

A comparison between the old and the new logo (Credits: Cathay Pacific)
A comparison between the old and the new logo (Credits: Cathay Pacific)

As the airline embraces a more design-led philosophy and along with the refreshed brushwing logo, customers will also see a greater focus and attention to design in all the signature elements that are unique to the Cathay Pacific experience, including greater consistency and better products and services, said Leung.

Cathay Pacific Lounge (Credits: Cathay Pacific)


Over the next 18 months, the passengers will start to see, feel and experience positive change across many of its key touchpoints, products and services, said Leung. These include a new and easier-to-use website, which will be launched soon and will continue to be enhanced throughout 2015; new lounges embracing the new design concept; and new company-wide signage that will appear from the second half of 2015.