MIAMI —Cathay Pacific unveiled a new livery Sunday morning during a ceremony in Hong Kong. The long rumored change comes months after the airline unveiled a new refreshed logo that is incorporated in the new livery. Replacing the current Landor designed Cathay Pacific look that was unveiled in 1994. The new, or some would say refreshed CX livery maintains the same if not exceeds the conservative nature as its predecessor. In sharp contrast, the airline has had a history of flamboyant themed schemes particularly in the late 1990s and early 2000s.

Behind the new livery are several key changes.  Notably gone from the new livery is the color red. Cathay Pacific emphasizes a new simplified color palette that includes the colors green, grey, and white.The fuselage of the aircraft received a minor tweak with the classic gray band now running down the entire fuselage. The tail of the aircraft received major changes with the famous Cathay Pacific brushwing logo playing a more prominent role.


At the livery unveil event in Hong Kong, Cathay Pacific Chief Executive Ivan Chu said “Today represents the beginning of a new era for Cathay Pacific. We are very happy and proud to unveil our new aircraft livery which represents our journey into the future and also celebrates the many great things we have achieved over the past seven decades as the home carrier of Hong Kong.”

Mr. Chu went on to add that “The livery is a vital part of our brand image – a symbol of the company’s values displayed on our most important physical asset. The livery represents Cathay Pacific in and out of Hong Kong and every time our aircraft take off or touch down in our network of destinations around the world.”


First worn by a 777-300ER, the new livery will eventually be worn by all Cathay Pacific aircraft in their fleet. Cathay estimates it will take a total of five years for 150 aircraft in its growing fleet to get the new livery. The first A350-900 for Cathay Pacific will roll out in the new livery later this week in Toulouse and will be the first new fleet type to sport the livery. Cathay Pacific currently has a fleet of over 120 aircraft anchored by 53 777-300ER aircraft. In the coming years, Cathay Pacific will take delivery of 48 A350 family aircraft and 21 777-9 aircraft.