Cargolux appoints first woman to head Board of Directors

MIAMI – Luxembourg-based Cargolux (CV) has appointed Mrs. Christianne Wickler as their new Chair(wo)man of the Board of Directors, making her the first female to head the company. Having been founded in 1970, CV celebrated their 50th anniversary last year. 

Mrs. Wickler, an entrepreneur and a mother of four, has a long history of successfully running businesses starting with a small petrol station in Oberpallen, Luxembourg, that her father entrusted her to run back in 1982.

Mrs. Christianne Wickler. Photo: Cargolux

An Experienced Executive

Wickler then proceeded to create Pall Centers (several around the country), which is based on the forward-thinking concept of healthy lifestyles and diets, the current fashions for men, women, and children, and the taking into consideration of the environment (greenhouse free units and using of solar power).

For the endeavor, Wickler launched a successful large chain of grocery stores and managed it for 38 years, then followed by being elected to be the MP of Dei Greng, Luxembourg, in 2013, and lastly Station 44, a creative outlet for young entrepreneurs and start-up companies. Certainly, an impressive career that can only assist in CV’s further growth. 

Cargolux operates cargo flights all over the World, with 90 destinations. Cargo consists of anything from red roses to prized racehorses, antique collector cars to aircraft parts. In CV’s own words: “You name it, we fly it”. CV’s fleet consists of 30 aircraft – comprised of both Boeing 747-400F and the modern 800F models (with one sporting a very apropos painted face mask on the nose!) with around 2,000 employees.

Featured image: Cargolux LX-VCH Boeing 747-8R7F. Photo: Misael Ocasio Hernandez/Airways