MIAMI – China’s first aircraft operating lessor, headquartered in Hong Kong, China Aircraft Leasing Group Holdings Limited (CALC), has placed a large order with Airbus for 40 additional A321neo aircraft.

CALC has previously placed an order for 11 Airbus A321neos and, as part of this new deal, has converted 15 of its A320neo backlog to A321neo aircraft.

This order brings CALC’s total A321neo order book to 66 of the type and, to date, CALC has only had one A321neo delivered so far. The only one delivered is operating for Hawaiian Airlines, registered as N209HA.

With the one delivered A321neo, CALC has a further 65 to be delivered as part of its 252 Airbus A320 Family aircraft order book.

CALC is a full value-chain aircraft solutions provider for global airlines that was established back in 2006 and was China’s first aircraft operating lessor. The company offers services at every stage of an aircraft’s life cycle, from new and used planes to ones that are close to the end of life.

Alongside aircraft operating leasing, purchase and leaseback, CALC also offers structured financing, fleet planning, fleet upgrade, aircraft disassembling and recycling, as well as selling components of aircraft.