LONDON – Brussels Airlines has unveiled new interior outlines for its new Business Class, Premium Economy and Economy classes on its aircraft.

This 10 million EUR investment per aircraft will “reveal a brand new travel experience on board its long-haul aircraft”.

These cabins will be installed onto its Airbus A330 aircraft, as the carrier has worked with JPA Design to create what the airline wants to label “a boutique hotel in the sky”.

Commenting on the new interiors was John Tighe, Design Director for Transport at JPA Design who has enjoyed the collaboration in making this new interior.

“It has been an absolute joy to collaborate with such a characterful combination of the Brussels Airlines brand & Belgium itself. Both have a genuinely unique ‘joie de vivre’ and with such great design culture to draw on, it has been a fun and enjoyable project to deliver.”

“The new cabins reflect a ’boutique hotel in the sky’, which captures the warmth and friendliness of the Brussels Airlines brand, whilst perfectly melding JPA Design’s experience in creating hospitality and aviation interiors. Together, we’ve created a harmonious ambience for personalized & warm service, and the result takes the airline’s guest-experience to new levels.”

Christina Foerster, the CEO of Brussels Airlines also followed suit in this theme.

“At Brussels Airlines, we are continuously working on improving the comfort for our guests on board, as well as on the ground. With this significant investment in our long-haul travel experience, we emphasize once more on our commitment towards an exceptional passenger experience.”

“The experience delivered by the finest boutique hotels has been the source of inspiration for our new Intercontinental Business Class. We want to be the most personal airline, give a personal service to every guest and offer everyone the warm hospitality Belgium is known for.”

“And that is exactly the essence of a boutique hotel, offering a world-class service in a small scale environment. The comparison of our aircraft – especially on the long haul – with a boutique hotel makes a lot of sense.”

The Airbus A330s will be configured in a three-class setup, offering 30 seats in Business at a 1-2-1 configuration, 21 seats in a 2-3-2 setup as well as 244 seats in Economy at 2-4-2.


The Belgian touch has produced premium-quality material, such as wood and leather, with Art Nouveau and Victor Horta being inspirations for the cabin, with the seats featuring 3D textured fabrics and much more.

In terms of food, there seems to be a significant focus on the culinary experience within Belgium itself.

Brussels Airlines has joined up with Belgian Star Chef to provide a more significant beer and bar culture with self-service bars offering up to eight famous Belgian beers on top of wines, coffees and chocolates from Neuhaus. This accessible in Business Class.

Food continuation is key on Business with an award winning Wine Cellar and a four-course gastronomic meal from Belgian Michelin Star Chef Thierry Theys from his restaurant Nuance.

The Business Class seat can be converted to a lounge sofa or a six foot five long full flat bed with adjustable levels of softness. This combined with the new lighting ambiances tailored to all flight phases offers jet-lag free flying.

In-Flight Entertainment will see a 15.6 inch HD screen which can be tilted to adapt to all seating positions, including high-quality noise cancelling headphones.

Premium Economy…

The new Premium Economy class will be completely separated from other classes, offering quiet and relaxed environments in soft purple and blue colours on the seating.

It will place on offer a 38 inch seat pitch, which is 23% more legroom than Economy Class, a wider seat with a bigger headrest as well as 40 inch seat reclination to enable sleep.

A 13.3 inch HD screen will be on the in-flight entertainment with AC & USB power plugs and large tray tables as well.

Food will see an upgraded culinary service from Economy, as well as offering water bottles, hot towels and ice creams as a movie snack.


The Economy cabin will provide a playful design, inspired by the sunrises of the North Sea and represents the warmth of Brussels Airlines’ Belgian hospitality.

The seat will offer an ergonomic headrest that offers increased privacy and adjustable neck support.

The seat will recline also, with personal USB ports and a wide choice of entertainment and games on a 10.1 inch HD screen.

The Work Behind This…

The first A330 is expected to be retrofitted with this by April 2019 and will begin revenue service around that time.

As mentioned, each A330 retrofit will cost 10 million EUR, and will require 25,000 parts per aircraft, 20,000 engineering man hours, 40 suppliers from 10 countries and 6,000 installation man hours per aircraft too.

It is something that by April will be the hard work that has taken place over the last two years in order to bring this to a reality.

It will be definitely something to look out for and what level of feedback it will have from fliers and enthusiasts alike.