LONDON, UK:British Airways BEA, BOAC, Negus, Chatam Dockyard and Landor liveried aircraft at Engineering, London heathrow on 09 April 2019(Picture by Nick Morrish/British Airways)

LONDON – Today British Airways brought all four of its heritage liveries together to mark its 50,000th passenger flight.

All four of the aircraft were pictured today at Heathrow with everything from the current Chatham Dockyard to the iconic looking BOAC.

British Airways has spread these iconic aircraft in there special liveries with the Boeing 747’s operating to such destinations as New York, Cape Town, Dubai and Lagos.

he BEA painted A319 has flown across the airlines domestic and European route network to cities including, Manchester, Edinburgh, Milan, Zurich, Amsterdam and Newcastle.

Alex Cruz, British Airways’ Chairman and CEO, said: “The excitement and pride that we’ve witnessed from customers and colleagues as these heritage liveries, which we painted to mark our centenary, have flown around the globe has been unparalleled.

“Social media has been fired up with images from travellers all over the world when they’ve spotted the aircraft and as some 50,000 people have now flown on them since they arrived back in the fleet we wanted to capture a special photo to share with them.”

The liveries have been painted on as the airline continues to celebrate a centenary of operations, with the additional event such as the BA 2119 programme, which has been set up to look at what the future has in store of aviation and what it can do to make more sustainable fuels for aircraft to help reduce its co2 footprint.

Celebrating BA at 100 has also been a great opportunity for the airline to show the progression into their five-year £6.5 billion investment into its customers.

With the airline launching the best quality WiFi and adding power sockets into every seat, they have also fitted new interiors into a 128 its long haul aircraft and taking delivery of 72 new aircraft.

One of the new interiors that BA has revealed this year is their new business class which offers direct aisle access and the club suite both of which will debut on the airlines first Airbus A350-1000 which they are due to take delivery of later this year.