MIAMI – Effective late October, British Airways (BA) passengers traveling between Accra (ACC), Ghana, and London will find themselves using London Gatwick (LGW) rather than London Heathrow (LHR).

And it seems as though the Ghanaian Aviation Ministry does not like the change.

The country’s Aviation Ministry was not notified of the decision. It instead called for a meeting with the airline to discuss the issue and to object to such a change. The move comes on the back of what the Ministry described as similar unilateral decisions taken by the airline in the past that were unfavorable to Ghanaian passengers.

Photo: Gatwick Airport

Ghana Rejects the Change

In a press release, the Ministry of Aviation said, “The Ministry, in a letter to the BA authorities, rejected the changes and categorically informed British Airways that ‘for the avoidance of doubt, we are unable to accept the change in the London-Accra-London flights originating from Gatwick Airport.’”

Ghana’s Aviation Ministry received a letter from BA explaining the reasoning behind the business decision. However, the Ministry of Aviation rejected the explanation and demanded that BA reverse the decision. BA then temporarily suspended the switch from LHR to LGW in early March.

London Gatwick is typically considered to be a “less premium” airport than LHR. states that Ghana’s government decided to threaten BA with reciprocal action. If BA wanted to transfer the Ghana flight to Gatwick, then Ghana would require British Airways to use a less premium airport in Ghana.

There was only one small problem. Kotoka International Airport (ACC) in Accra is the only major international airport in the country, so there’s not another airport the service could easily move to.

But now, only a fortnight later, it looks like BA recognizes this and is returning to its original plan – albeit giving everyone involved six months to get used to the idea.

We’ll see how Ghana responds.

Featured image: Brandon Farris/Airways