PHOTO: Wikimedia.

LONDON – British Airways, the UK flag carrier announced on the 6th of September 2018, that a massive data breach occurred on its website and mobile app.

It has affected 380,000 people, with personal anding banking information accessed by a third party.

The data breaches occurred between the 21st of August and 5th of September 2018.

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British Airways has given very little detail about the data breach, other than its notified its customers and spoke to the relevant authorities.

They issued a short worded apology tweet, linking customers to their website to find out more information. Alex Cruz, the CEO of British Airways also offered a basic apology to customers saying.

“We are deeply sorry for the disruption that this criminal activity has caused. We take the protection of our customers’ data very seriously”, he added.

At the end of August, Air Canada reported a similar incident, with its mobile app, that affected 20,000 of its customers.

However the British Airways incident is on a much larger scale, and more data has been accessed without any permission. The Air Canada hack was simply customer addresses, name and phone information.

Banking information was not affected in their incident, compared to the British Airways one.

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This isn’t the first data breach to hit the flag carrier in 2018. An IT meltdown during the May half-term holiday, resulted in 75,000 passengers getting stranded, as 726 flights were canceled over a 3 day period.

No data went missing during this IT glitch the company said.

This data breach just shows how the mighty British Airways has crumbled over the past few years, they are no more than just another overpriced budget airline.

Their reputation is damaged massively and it does not set to improve anytime soon.

Hopefully, this data breach turns out to not as bad, as currently being reported. Details are scarce, so the breach could be a lot worse, than currently being reported.