LONDON – British Airways has announced the Landor livery will be their third heritage livery today as part of their 100 years of BA celebrations.

The carrier has already repainted one of the Boeing 747’s in the classic BOAC livery and has confirmed that they will also be repainting an Airbus A319 in the BEA livery, with this announcement today BA will now proudly operate the three original liveries of the airline.

The Landor livery was adopted back in at the start of BA’s operations, it was a well known and liked livery which was most memorable on their DC10’s.

The livery was used by British Airways from 1984 to 1997 when they repainted one of their Concordes in the current Chatham Dockyard design, which the carrier has used ever since.

British Airways Landor Livery concept design for G-BNLY as part of BA 100 Celebrations

British Airways said that they the new liveries are a perfect way for the airline to look back on its proud history while also looking towards the future, with the new Airbus A350’s expected to begin delivery this year and with the announcement yesterday of the carrier’s purchase for the new Boeing 777-9.


The aircraft G-BNLY another one of the carriers Boeing 747s has arrived at Dublin’s IAC paint bay earlier this week and is currently expected to return to Heathrow in its new colours later this month.

Just as with the BOAC livery, the Landor design will remain on the 747 until it is retired in 2023.

Alex Cruz, British Airways’ Chairman and CEO, said: “Today’s announcement follows the exciting arrival of our BOAC 747 aircraft and the upcoming unveiling of an A319 in BEA colours. The passion and pride we’ve seen for our heritage liveries so far, from both customers and colleagues, has been both phenomenal and humbling.”

“We’re really thrilled to announce Landor as the latest iconic scheme to join the fleet as part of our centenary celebrations and we’re sure this excitement will be reflected around the world.”

The carrier also confirmed that an additional and final replica design will be announced in due time, but did not confirm what it would be or when the announcement would take place.

British Airways did, however, confirm that the new aircraft entering the fleet, including the A350’s will all be painted in the current Chatham Dockyard design.

With three amazing heritage designs already announced and with the carrier hinting at one more special design it is clear to see that British Airways are happy and proud to share their amazing story and History with customers and aviation enthusiasts alike around the world.