British Airways 777-200ER, G-YMMI. Photo: Aldo Bidini via Wikimedia

MIAMI – British Airways (BA) Flight 83 returned to London Heathrow Airport (LHR) after a passenger experienced a medical emergency yesterday. The flight was operated on a Boeing 777-200ER registered G-YMMI (LN 308 / MSN 30310).

The aircraft departed LHR at 10:28 pm BST. It was destined for Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport (ABV) in Nigeria. Around 42 minutes into the flight, the Crew squawked 7700, which alerts Air Traffic Control of an in-flight emergency. BA83 then made a U-turn over France, which was visible on flight tracking websites.

At 11:38 pm BST, BA83 landed safely back at LHR. At the time of the incident, it was unknown what the actual cause was. A passenger that was on board later confirmed on social media that it indeed was a medical emergency.

British Responds to Customers

British Airways itself was unaware of the emergency when it happened. No public statements regarding BA83 have been released. However, the airline responded to several customers on Twitter, some of which were on board the flight.

“Kudos to Flight BA083 LHR – T5 to ABV crew, thank you for what you did tonight,” one customer praised. BA acknowledged the concerns of other customers who were not as impressed. It did not specify if any BA83 passengers were boarded onto another flight following the incident.

Featured image: British Airways 777-200ER, G-YMMI. Photo: Aldo Bidini