MIAMI— A British Airways Boeing 777-200 operating flight BA2276 (Registration G-VIIO / MSN 29320 / LN 182) suffered a major engine fire while accelerating for takeoff from Las Vegas McCarran International Airport, requiring an emergency evacuation.

The jet, operating BA2276, was the airline’s scheduled service from McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas to London Gatwick airport. According to British Airways, 157 passengers and 13 crew were on board.

According to, the crew rejected takeoff from Las Vegas’ runway 07L at low speed, and stopped the aircraft about 2,600 feet (800m) down the runway. After coming to a stop, the crew radioed the emergency and required fire services. Two people were injured during the evacuation.

Left engine fire caused substantial damage to the fuselage.

AirwaysNews contributor Seth Miller reported the incident in his blog, The Wandering Aramean, as he witnessed the unfolding events. “There is significant smoke damage on both sides of the aircraft at the wing join of the fuselage.”


Lately, Miller added an update to his report “Seeing additional photos now which suggest the landing gear was not involved in the fire. But it definitely spread into the fuselage and right side of the plane also shows impact.”

A tweet from National Transport Safety Board informed that an investigation team was sent to the scene. Boeing also readied technical assistance and experts to the scene.

This is the second triple seven operated by British Airways involved in a major incident. In January 2008, flying from Beijing, crash landed short of the runway at Heathrow Airport in London, injuring 47. Investigations concluded that ice buildup in the fuel system caused fuel flow restriction to both engines.