MIAMI – Embraer has announced via a press release it has signed a long-term Pool Program Contract with Breeze Airways (MXY). The agreement aims to provide a wide variety of repairable parts for the airline’s fleet of E190s and E195s.

The deal provides complete unit and piece replacement coverage, as well as access to a wider supply of components at Embraer’s delivery center. This will aid in the airline’s operation.

Photo: Embraer

Comments from Breeze Airways, Embraer

“We’re very happy to extend our partnership with Embraer to include the Pool Program which confirms not only that we get immediate access to an inventory of parts more efficiently, it greatly enhances our aircraft maintenance and schedule reliability, and also reduces our upfront investment and allows for a more efficient management of our spares inventory,” said Amir Nasruddin, MXY’s Vice President Technical Operations & Fleet Programs.

“It is an honor for Embraer to support MXY since the beginning of its operations,” said Danielle Vardaro, Head of Worldwide Customer Support and Aftermarket Sales, Embraer Services & Support. Every new Pool contract highlights the importance of Embraer’s direct support and it is a fantastic opportunity to strengthen the partnerships with our customers.

Vardaro added, “In this particular case—supporting a start-up airline—our responsibility is even greater in order to guarantee smooth aircraft operations and entry into service.”

Photo: Breeze Airways

Flight Hour Pool Program

Embraer designed Flight Hour Pool Program for two main targets. Firstly it aimed to help airlines reduce their initial investment in high-value repairable inventories and services. Secondly using Embraer’s engineering capabilities and extensive component recovery service provider network.

The end result is substantial cost savings on maintenance and product carrying expenses. Moreover, a decrease in needed warehousing capacity, and the virtual removal of the need for repair management services, all while providing assured performance standards.

The platform would provide the most effective and dependable options for MXY’s fleet of E-Jets. The airline will gain from the availability of spare parts, save significantly on maintenance and operational expenses, and continue to operate profitably. Today, the Pool Program serves more than 50 airlines around the world.

Featured image: Breeze Airways