MIAMI – It’s a great day for Breeze Airways. Yesterday, the US Department of Transportation (DOT) gave the startup airline tentative approval to commence operations with up to 22 aircraft.

Final approval would be granted after a 14-day waiting period for objections and comments to the approval.

Breeze Airways is founder David Neeleman’s fifth airline start-up. He’s also the man behind JetBlue, Morris Air, WestJet, and Azul.

David Neeleman, founder of Breeze Airways. Photo Courtesy: Miami Herald

Breeze Airways

To be known as “The World’s Nicest Airline, under the call sign “Moxy,” the Salt Lake City (SLC)-based discount carrier “will fly non-stop service between places currently without meaningful or affordable service,” said Neeleman, who also serves as CEO and president.

]The airline website says the carrier will “offer low-fare, high-quality nonstop flights, adopting new customer technology innovations, improving the flying experience while saving flyers both time and money.”

Embraer E190. Photo: Breeze Airways


An article on says that Breeze has agreements to lease three Embraer E190 or E195 which will carry 108 and 118 passengers, respectively. Breeze plans to add more aircraft in its first year operating, with more coming online later. During its first year in operation, Breeze anticipates flying a total of 22 aircraft.

The airline has 15 separate E190 or E195 leases with Nordic Aviation Capital (NAC). As reported on this website, those planes started to arrive in early February. In place are two agreements to lease jets from Azul. A third lease is planned before commencing operations, per a DOT filing.

According to Wikipedia, Breeze currently has ordered 60 A220-300 aircraft with the first deliveries scheduled for fall 2021. says that the airline will then expect delivery of one such aircraft per month until the order is filled.

The airline looks like it is conducting business in a different, cost-saving way. This website reported some controversy around low and uncompetitive pay for pilots. We also reported on a program in which MXY is partnering with Utah Valley University to create an innovative Flight Attendant training program.

Breeze has not yet announced routes, and its website still shows that it is hiring a number of positions.

Featured image: Breeze Airways