MIAMI – Startup Breeze Airways, initially Moxy Airways, was scheduled to start operations in 2020, but it has now been reported that it will be delayed to 2021.

No further details have been provided about when in 2021 the airline will launch or why the delay occurred, but it stands to reason that the airline would postpone the launch due to the current pandemic.

Image: Breeze

Breeze Airways Embraer 195, Airbus A220

The long-term plan is for Breeze Airways to fly Airbus A220, which will be delivered as of April 2021, though it might be possible that the delivery of these aircraft will also be delayed.

When Breeze Airways planned to launch in 2020, it was intended to lease from Azul up to 30 Embraer 195, another of Neeleman’s airlines, which would have allowed the airline to launch before the A220 were delivered.

This would have been mutually beneficial in favor of new Embraer 195-E2 jets, as Azul was looking to get rid of those planes anyway.

It’s not clear at this stage whether Breeze Airways will still get Embraer 195 from Azul, or whether that option is off the table as the airline delays the start of operations. The plan was presumably for Breeze Airways to eventually fly exclusively on the A220.


About Breeze Airways

Breeze Airways’ aim is to operate point-to-point flights between markets that it considers to be underserved, including mid-size city pairs with no current nonstop flights; it would also include flying into & out of secondary airports in regions.

According to a report by, the airline’s plan is to take a similar approach to route planning as Allegiant, except to be “less sucky.”

We’ve been hard at work building a team of professionals dedicated to our mission:

According to its website, Breez Airways’ mission is “to make the world of travel simple, affordable and convenient,” improving its guests’ travel experience “using technology, ingenuity and kindness.”

David G. Neeleman, founder, and owner of Jetblue Airways, Azul Linhas Aéreas, and Breeze Airways. Photo: Wiki Commons

Passenger Experience

Funder David Neeleman has stated that Breeze Airways will be “the world’s nicest airline.” While this remains to be seen, the airline describes the passenger experience as follows:

  • The airline will not have seatback entertainment. Instead, it will have streaming entertainment and wifi, the latter possibly free.
  • Breeze Airways will have first-class, and the type of seats may vary based on the route; the airline may offer standard first-class seats on some routes, and flatbed seats on other routes.
  • Technology will be a big focus, with the founder going so far as describing the business as “a technology company that happens to fly planes.”

Whatever the technology-driven airline ends up offering, we will just have to wait another year t see it in action, as the pandemic continues to take is toll on the commercial aviation industry in 2020.

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