MIAMI – This afternoon, two LATAM Chile (LA) Airbus A320s clipped wings in the gate areas of Santiago International Airport (SCL) in Chile. Only one of the aircraft contained passengers, as the other was completely empty.

There have been no reported injuries at this time. However, the incident did generate some panic amongst the passengers of the fully embarked aircraft, according to those onboard.

The Incident

LATAM Chile made an official statement on the matter earlier this afternoon, which has been translated to English:

“This morning a minor incident occurred between two aircraft from their fleet on the slab of the Santiago Airport. The contact between the two planes occurred when personnel from the supplier company towed one of the planes without passengers, which happened to carry the tip of one of the wings of the other aircraft”.

The aircraft containing passengers was disembarked following the incident.

The statuses of both aircraft are unknown at this time.

Featured Image: LATAM Chile Airbus A320-200, similar to the aircraft involved in the incident. PHOTO: Carlos Daniel Dobelli/Wikimedia