LONDON – A Ryanair (FR) Boeing 737-800 has been escorted into London Stansted (STN) by two Royal Air Force Typhoon fighter jets following a security incident on board the aircraft.

Ryanair flight 1902, departing from Krakow, Poland at around 1630L this afternoon was en route to Dublin when it had to divert to Stansted following a report of lost communications.

What We Know So Far

The flight was just north when it had suddenly turned south, in the direction for the airfield.

Stansted is the designed airfield in the United Kingdom for security incidents in aircraft.

The aircraft in question is SP-RSQ, which was formally EI-FZA but was re-registered under the Ryanair Sun, or Buzz names.

The aircraft landed uneventfully at the airport safely before taxiing to a remote stand which is designated at the airfield for these sorts of incidents.

It was squawking 7700, which represents a general emergency and not 7500, which is designated for hijacking and other terrorist incidents.

The aircraft was delivered in February 2017 under the Irish registration.

No Chances Taken

It is currently unclear what the cause of the divert was, but given the fact that the Quick Response Action unit of the Royal Air Force was deployed, it is clear that no chances were to be taken regarding this.

Reports of armed police, ambulances and other facilities around the aircraft have been reported as well.

From the Scene…

Airways photographer and writer Thomas Saunders was able to get to the scene. This photo was taken at around 1915L.

Ryanair have commented on the incident tonight saying:

“A Ryanair flight from Krakow to Dublin this evening (13JUL) discovered a note in one of the toilets claiming that there were explosives on board.”

“The captain followed procedure by alerting the UK authorities and diverted to the nearest airport (Stansted) where the plane landed normally but was taxied to a remote stand where passengers disembarked safely. The aircraft and passengers are being checked by the UK police who will decide when they may travel onwards to Dublin on a spare aircraft.”

“Passengers in Dublin waiting to depart to Krakow are being transferred to a spare aircraft to minimise any delay to their flight”.

This is a developing storyPhotos to follow shortly!