DHL 767 Photo by DHL

MIAMI – DHL Express and Boeing have today announced that the airline will receive four Converted 767-300 Freighters.

This move is part of DHL’s plan to modernize its intercontinental fleet, thereby making it more eco-friendly and cost-effective.

By converting barely-used passenger aircraft, DHL does not need to buy new jets.

DHL Boeing 767-3JHF G-DHLG seen arriving into East Midlands. Photo by ©Thomas Saunders

Comments from DHL

“We are excited to introduce additional Boeing 767 freighters to the DHL Express air network,” explains Geoff Kehr, senior vice president, Global Air Fleet Management, DHL Express.

“We have operated the 767-300F model across our global fleet for many years and look forward to continuing investing in the platform by adding more 767-300BCF.”

“The freighter type offers a proven versatility and we appreciate the opportunity to further enhance efficiency while simultaneously improving our environmental footprint.

“This brings us closer to our Strategy 2025 goals and ensures we deliver the best quality service possible to our customers.”

Photo: Marco Macca Instagram: @aviator_ita

Conversions Instead of New Aircraft

Some might ask why cargo airlines operate old converted aircraft instead of brand-new ones. While the conversion and technical issues can be costly, it does worth it for cargo airlines.

A cargo plane flies an average of two circles a day, while a passenger plane can fly up to 10.

An aeroplane which has a lot of flight cycles logged already is not reliable enough for passenger airlines which are highly focused on operational costs (maintenance and fuel).

Therefore, it will sell the aircraft very cheap which is optimal for cargo airlines that focus on capacity. By this, the flight per flight cycle is much less than the loss for more fuel and maintenance costs.

Atlas subsidiary, Polar Air Cargo, operates this Boeing 747-400 on behalf of DHL. PHOTO: ©SETH JAWORSKI.

DHL Express, although not an airline, has five subsidiaries and a dozen contractors which fly for the company. In total, six operators fly 23 Boeing 767 for the company.

It is hard to guess the exact fleet data for DHL Aviation. For now, you can read more about how Mesa will also fly for DHL.