MIAMI – Belavia Belarusian Airlines (B2), the flag carrier airline of Belarus, is celebrating its 25th anniversary today. The carrier was founded on March 5, 1996, following the Belarus Government’s Resolution on “Restructuring the Republic of Belarus’ Air Transport”.

President Alexander Lukashenko congratulated the company’s workers and veterans on their anniversary. In addition, Embraer congratulated the airline with the following statement on its LinkedIn account:

“Happy Anniversary BELAVIA – Belarusian Airlines! Our E-Jets customer from Belarus turns 25 today. Look for the special commemorative “25” livery on its next #Embraer #E195E2 that is scheduled to be delivered next week. It will be Belavia’s second E2 and 14th E-Jet in the fleet.”

Photo: Embraer

Belavia has preserved and enhanced the best civilian aviation heritage in Belarus and is recognized in hundreds of airports worldwide. Every year, millions of passengers choose to travel using Belavia, as the flight geography is continually changing.

The airline continually refurbishes its fleet. The Embraer second-generation aircraft was redesigned in December. The Embraer E195-E2 is expected to be delivered next week and will be Belavia’s second E2 and 14th E-Jet in the fleet. Belavia has now become the world’s seventh airline to operate such aircraft.

Photo: Embraer

EW-100PJ Belavia Belarusian Airlines. Photo: Nikolaiko27, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons