MIAMI – British Airways (BA) Boeing 747-400 registered G-BNLY (LN 959/MSN 27090) arrived at its new home, Dunsfold Aerodrome (FAA), earlier this week. The aircraft was one of three 747 painted in a retro livery to commemorate BA’s 100th birthday last year. It bears the ‘Landor’ livery, which was used from 1984-1997.

The COVID-19 pandemic forced BA to retire all of its 747 earlier than expected. ‘Lima Yankee’ was withdrawn from use on March 20, 2020. It was stored at Bournemouth Airport (BOH) from March 31-June 15. On June 15, it was moved to Cardiff Airport (CWL) and remained there until December 5.

On December 5, ‘Lima Yankee’ departed CWL as BA9154, destined for FAA. The aircraft took off at 1:54 pm GMT and landed at FAA at 2:23 pm GMT. The flight lasted just a short 36 min and covered 152 mi (245 km).

History Preserved

Originally, BA did not intend to send ‘Lima Yankee’ to a permanent retirement home. The airline instead planned to have the aircraft scrapped. Upon hearing this news, aviation enthusiasts around the world began the #SaveLandor movement in order to convince BA to save ‘Lima Yankee’.

Their efforts proved successful, as BA listened to their concerns and decided to preserve ‘Lima Yankee’. Additionally, the airline decided to preserve another Boeing 747, G-BYGC (LN 1195 / MSN 25823), painted in a British Overseas Airways Corporation (BOAC) retro livery. ‘Golf Charlie’ will be sent to the Bro Tathan business park near CWL.

Sean Doyle, Chief Executive Officer of British Airways, had a few words to say on the preservation of both jets: “While we will miss seeing them grace our skies, we are delighted to to have found permanent homes for our remaining centenary 747 aircraft. We think they have great historical importance, not only to BA but to the entire aviation industry. We are pleased they will be preserved for future generations in locations in the UK.”

Featured image: British Airways Boeing 747-400 G-BNLY. Photo: Adam Moreira via Wikimedia