MIAMI – British Airways (BA) Sean Doyle announced a major hiring drive this week, aiming to recruit close to 4,000 employees by Summer 2022. 

Anticipating a busy year and a rapid recovery of travel demand, the Heathrow-based (LHR) airline will start hiring pilots, flight attendants, ground crew, and other positions, according to Bloomberg

The first major BA hiring drive since the start of the pandemic will result in the airline’s workforce increasing by 15%. The move marks a shift in company policy by ending some cost-cutting measures adopted by the airline during the worst days of the COVID-19 pandemic.

British Airways had previously axed around 10,000 jobs last year and furloughed close to 25,000 workers.

Photo: British Airways

Network Rebuilding

With the opening of the United States to non-essential travel this week, the British airline aims to revive close to 100% of its North American network by the third quarter of next year.

The carrier has stated that the number of destinations in North America will increase from the current number of 23 to 49 this winter and to 60 next summer, resulting in a total reconstruction of the carrier’s pre-pandemic network in this region.

The US accounts for about 40% of BA’s business. Six BA flights were scheduled to New York’s JFK on the day of the reopening of the transatlantic corridor. The US is a key business link for BA. The airline made US$1bn a year connecting LHR to JFK the two hubs before the onset of COVID-19.

Furthermore, the US is the UK’s largest commercial partner, and aviation provides £23m to the UK economy every day. In 2019, 22 million passengers and 900,000 tonnes of freight traveled between the two countries.

Featured image: British Airways