MIAMI – Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) announced that British Airways (BA) will fly its A380 between its hub in London-Heathrow (LHR) and DFW.

According to the airport’s tweet, the superjumbo will fly the route for the first time on March 27, 2022. However, the airline did not yet confirm the news. According to DFW, it is the first time BA operates its A380 to their airport.

This new route for summer 2022 is not the only one BA’s A380 will operate. According to the news website, the superjumbo will fly to many other airports for the same season.

British Airways plans to operate flights to San Fransisco (SFO), Singapore (SIN), and Johannesburg (JNB). The airline said earlier it would fly to other destinations such as Miami (MIA), Los Angeles (LAX), and Dubaï (DXB)

British Airways’ A380 aircraft were in storage for more than a year. Photo: Arturo La Roche/Airways

Bringing the A380 back to the Skies

The airline announced earlier this year it will bring its A380s back to the skies. BA apparently is the only European airline that will be flying the type now, as Air France (AF) retired its whole fleet in 2020, and Lufthansa (LH) does not seem to be keen to fly it again.

The A380 has already started to fly for BA, as it is currently flying on medium-haul routes in Europe, to Frankfurt (FRA) and Madrid (MAD). Those shorter flights are useful for training. Indeed, it allows more pilots to get used to fly the jumbojet before operating it long-haul again. The first flight took place on Monday, after more than a year without any A380 flights in the airline.

It is maybe hard to understand why flying a so big aircraft to DFW is economically viable. However, DFW is American Airlines’ (AA) main hub, and as it is a partner with BA, belonging both to the oneworld alliance, there are a lot of connecting passengers in DFW, who can then continue to travel with AA for the end of their trip.

More and more, the A380s are coming back to the skies as the recovery continues. Qatar Airways (QR) is also about to fly the superjumbo jet again, as well as Qantas (QF), which declared that the aircraft was coming back soon.

The saying that everything is bigger in Texas likely originated as a reference to the enormity of the state’s geographical area. Let’s hope the A380 reflects Barry Popik’s saying and does make its debut in the “Lone Star State.”

The A380 has been flying for BA since 2013. Photo: Brandon Farris/Airways

Featured image: The BA A380 is to be operated to DFW for the first time next year. Photo: Johan Heske/Airways