MIAMI – Azul Brazilian Airlines (AD) has unveiled a colorful new Spix Macaw Livery on a brand new Embraer E195-E2.

The tropical livery, designed by São Paulo graffiti artist Luiz Pardal, involves three ararinhas (Spix’s macaws) on each side of the 41.5m fuselage of the aircraft registered as PS-AEF and registered ‘Ararinha Azul’.

Long considered extinct, some Spix’s macaws were recently found in captivity, allowing the aircraft to raise awareness for the crucial species.

Azul Brazilian Airlines Embraer E195-E2 reg: PT-AEF “Ararinha Azul” Photo: Embraer

No Small Task

Painting such an aircraft is no small task, involving 150 kilos of paint being applied with automated robots spreading 58 non-corrosive paint colors, 28 of which were specially blended to capture the tropical landscape in Brazil.

Such paint, with AzkoNobel and Tintas Coral commissioned to apply it, must withstand the forces of rain, cruise speed, air pressure changes, takeoffs, and landings. Applied at the Embraer facility at São José dos Campos (SJK), the work was finished with a signature “pardal” or sparrow at the back of the aircraft.

Overall, AD has unveiled an incredible livery, highlighting the necessity of preserving Brazilian wildlife on one of the most efficient aircraft in the country.

Featured image: Azul E195-E2 Special Livery Photo: Embraer