Salvatore Michelini

MIAMI – On June 10, an Airbus A330-200 of the SATA Azores Airlines (S4) with registration CS-TRY landed in Naples for heavy maintenance. The Aircraft is painted in “Sperm Whale” special colors and is 11.6 years old.

The plane was destined for Atitech, MRO, located at Naples airport and which thanks to its workforce can provide 360-degree assistance on this type of aircraft. The aircraft is currently stored.

Service history of S4’s A330-200

The plane entered service in December 2008 with Air Comet (A7). A year later, in December 2009, it entered service with Amentum Capital. After five months, it then took up the fleet with Royal Jordanian (RJ) and remained there until October 2014.

In January 2015, it returned to service for Amentum Capital. After seven months it commenced service for the FPG group. In February 2016 it became part of the fleet at S4. It is currently used by Hi Fly (5K).

Photo: Salvatore Michelini

Internal configuration

The aircraft is configured with two Pratt & Whitney PW PW4168A engines that provide a thrust of 286,91kN – 311,38kN each. The internal configuration is as follows: 283 seats, with 24 seats in business class and 259 seats in economy class.