MIAMI- In the midst of the ongoing conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan, Azerbaijani civilian cargo planes primarily belonging to Silk Way Airlines (ZP) and Silk Way West Airlines (7L) along with Azerbaijani Air Force and Azerbaijani government VIP aircraft have been operating cargo runs connecting Baku (GYD) to Israel and Turkey.

On October 3, a ZP Il-76 with registration 4K-AZ41 flew from Azerbaijan to Georgia before making a return run with flight number ZP6505. Today, the same aircraft flew through Georgia to Dalaman (DLM) in Turkey with flight number ZP6506 and has now returned to Azerbaijan with flight number ZP6502.

Another ZP IL-76 with registration 4K-AZ40 flew to Turkey on October 1 and today with flight number ZP6507.

More Flights Amid Conflict

A 7L Boeing 747-400 with registration 4K-SW008 flew from GYD to Tel Aviv (TLV) with flight number 7L216 before returning via Turkish and Georgian airspace as 7L217. Before September 30, an Azerbaijani Air Force Il-76 with registration 4K-78131 flew to Turkey, Israel, and Ukraine.

On October 4, an Azerbaijani government Gulfstream G450 with registration 4K-AZ888 flew between Azerbaijan and Turkey via Georgia.

All of the aforementioned flights, considering they are between Azerbaijan and their close military partners, are widely suspected to be carrying military equipment for use in the ongoing conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh which even caused GYD to close to some foreign airlines as Azerbaijan entered martial law.

Featured image: Silk Way West Cargo Airlines. Photo: Md Shaifuzzaman Ayan – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0