EVERETT — Azerbaijan Airlines’ first Boeing 787 took to the runway late on Wednesday afternoon for a taxi test under its own power.

It was the first time the jet has made an appearance since rolling out of the factory some weeks ago, and is likely to make its first flight in the coming days after scrubbing a plan to fly earlier Wednesday.

Expected to be delivered by the end of the year, the jet is first of two of airplanes presently on order for the Baku-based carrier. The airplanes are expected to fly long-haul destinations, though so far the airline has not specified where.

Also unknown thus far is the planed interior configuration, the details of which have yet to be released.

A successful delivery would quash concerns surrounding the jet that have bubbled up out of Baku. News reports from Azernews appeared in May of this year, suggesting that the carrier was considering canceling its order as the Dreamliner continued to suffer a string of incidents.

The airline has already dialed back its order once before, which initially stood at three of the jets, in 2008. It instead swapped out one 787 for two Boeing 767-300s. Both 767s have already been delivered.

Founded in 1992, Azerbaijan Airlines currently maintains a hodge-podge fleet of 26 aircraft. It utilizes 13 Airbus A319/20 jets, along with five Embraer E170/90 regional jets. For longer-haul flying, it operates a fleet of two A340-500s, four Boeing 757s, and two Boeing 767s.

The airline began non-stop, thrice weekly service from Baku to New York on September 24, utilizing the A340-500.

Azerbaijan 787 JDL AWN-4
(Credits: Jeremy Dwyer-Lindgren)