MIAMI – An Avianca (AV) Airbus A320-200 flying from Bogota to Pasto’s Antonio Nariño Airport (PSO) in Colombia, refused to land on Pasto’s runway 20 at 11:20 local time, climbing again to FL120 before heading for another approach to runway 02. The aircraft landed on runway 02 about 25 minutes after the canceled landing.

The incident involving the aircraft registered N281AV and performing flight AV-8597 occurred three days ago. A passenger video shows the aircraft underwent a rough touchdown on runway 20 and went around.

A Dangerous Runway

According to The Aviation Gerald, the aircraft departed on time for the return flight AV-8598, landed in Bogota and even flew another sector of AV-9546 to Cartagena (Colombia) before damage to the aircraft was discovered. N281AV stayed on the ground in Cartagena for nearly 38 hours before returning to service.

According to Notice To Airmen (NOTAMs), the runway is closed daily since September 9, 2020, and is expected to be open until December 8, 2020, possibly for maintenance works on the runway. The runway was officially opened at the time of the incident according to NOTAMs.

According to a comment on the news site, PSO is only 2100 mt (6890 ft) long. From grass to grass, it has only one heading (20). On sat maps, it can be seen that the touch zone is very close to the beginning of the runway (rubber marks). Therefore, Pilots have to make a dive-landing to take all the possible runway, considering there’s nothing at the other end.

According to the aviation news outlet, local sources report the asphalt surface of runway 20 at PSO is crumbling and detaching. The operator report was not cited.

Featured image: Avianca Airbus A320neo. Photo: Rafael Luiz Canossa