LONDON – Austrian Airlines has launched its retro livery on one of its Airbus A320 aircraft over the course of this week.

OE-LBO, the Airbus A320 in question, spent nine days in the Air Livery plant in Bratislava until the aircraft was able to reveal the design.

Exterior painting of the aircraft weighed around 246 lbs and holds three layers of paint. The aircraft landed into Vienna at 2230L and parked on Gate F04.

The main colours are white, grey and red as standard with the original Austrian colour scheme that we see today.

This design comes from the 1980s, when Austrian Airlines placed a lot of emphasis on Tokyo and New York routes.

The 1980s also symbolised a time when it managed to welcome itself back into the intercontinental flight business after a long pause.

50 years ago saw services to New York with Austrian begin, with again some pauses in between due to competition and demand in the 1970s.

It is also celebrating the 30th anniversary of its Tokyo services, which launched in 1989 with Airbus A310 aircraft, also used on the New York services too.

The Airbus A320 will operate around Europe and will go to the many destinations Austrian has in its portfolio, giving enthusiasts further incentive to try and catch the livery.

In recent years, it is not the first time that livery changes and tributes have been made by the carrier.

A few of the aircraft have flown with the Star Alliance branding as well as a Mozart design in 2006 being painted on an Airbus A320.

Airbus A340-300s have been painted in homage to the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra with 737-600s been given changes for a Tyrol advertisement.

Additionally, three further designs were added in 2008 to celebrate the Euros football tournament as well as a 50th Anniversary retro look as well.

It seems that based on this pattern, we could see more retro liveries unveiled from the carrier although it is not announcing any further at this time.

We could see them extended onto more long-haul options to further celebrate the brand overseas, which would probably be in Austrian’s best interests in order to secure further brand security and investment into Austria.