MIAMI- Austrian Airlines (OS) announced today it would resume operations on June 7 in light of the still closed borders in Europe and plunge in passenger demand.

As the European Union (EU) expects to start lifting border closures in mid-June, the company experiences for the fifth time the postponement of its operations resumption date in lieu of the right passenger demand.

On March 17, OS announced a full reduction of its operations starting March 19 due to the COVID-19 effect in travel restrictions and passenger demand.

The Lufthansa Group noted at the time that the last flight of the airline would be on March 19 while all remaining flights would be suspended until March 28. The group added that it would add other cuts to its short and long-haul schedules on March 17.

As a result, OS seat capacity on long-haul services is reduced by 90%, and on short-haul services the reductions are at 20%.

The right time to fly with new flight conditions

Being part of the Lufthansa Group (AG), OS full operativity for its upcoming June schedule depends on the reopening of Germany’s borders on June 15 and the new health safety mandates by the government.

The safety mandates such as the wearing of face masks or nose and mouth covering by passengers onboard flights are now obligatory for all AG airlines. However, the company will not give free masks, so customers will need to bring their own once regular flights resume.

With this policy, the social distancing measure for passengers onboard will not be as significant as expected. Previously, the group announced that in economy and premium economy classes, one seat between passengers would be left empty while for inbound services this would be not required.

For now, OZ and other AG carriers are operating special services to get travelers back to their home destinations while also offering special booking policies for those affected customers.