An Atlas Air 777 Freighter (Boeing Photo)

MIAMI – Atlas Air Worldwide (5Y) announced an order for four Boeing 777 freighter aircraft, complementing the cargo giant’s existing Boeing freighter fleet. 

The cargo airline operates a fleet of all Boeing aircraft, including eight Boeing 737-800Fs, 45 747 aircraft, 26 767-300s, and nine 777Fs. 

The news comes as competition heats up for twin-engine freighter aircraft between Airbus and Boeing.

John W. Dietrich, Atlas Air Worldwide President, and CEO said, “We are excited to expand our fleet and service offerings for our existing and prospective customers with these four new 777s.” 

He continued, “With the best team in the industry as well as our focus on innovation and prudent fleet management, Atlas is serving the evolving needs of the global supply chain and delivering value for our customers.”

Currently, six of the airline’s 777Fs are operating for DHL, a contract that was extended in September of 2021. The deal builds on the close relationship between 5y and Boeing, with Atlas even operating the Boeing 747 Dreamlifter, a modified freighter used to transport Boeing’s aircraft components.

Photo: Kochan Kleps/Airways

Boeing’s Twin-Engine Freighter Extraordinaire 

The Boeing 777F, one of the most popular freighter aircraft, was first delivered to its launch operator, Air France, in 2009.

The aircraft is built with the airframe, engines, and fuel capacity of the Boeing 777-200LR (long-range), with a larger version, developed from the 777-300ER set to enter service in 2023.

As explained by Boeing, the aircraft has a maximum revenue payload of 102 tonnes and can travel with a range of 4,970 nautical miles.

As of early 2021, 247 orders had been placed for the aircraft type by 25 different customers. 

Photo: Airbus

Boeing, Airbus Heat-Up Competition

At the Dubai Air Show in 2021, Singapore Airlines ordered the first Airbus A350F, launching a new dimension for the competition between Boeing and Airbus.

Additionally, Airbus received an order for four A350F from CMA CGM Group, which operates Airbus A330F aircraft. 

The new A350F is now a direct competitor to the Boeing 777F, with the two aircraft manufacturers working to secure orders for in-demand cargo aircraft.  

Featured Image: Boeing