MIAMI – Atlas Air (5Y) is expected to release both annual and fourth quarter financial results for 2020 on February 18.

The results will be released before the stock market opens, a conference hosted by 5Y CEO John W. Dietrich and the Chief Financial Officer Spencer Schwartz will then take place at 11 am.

Atlas Air Boeing 747-8 freighter, 4 more of which were recently ordered by the airlines. Photo: © Max Taubman – @maximumaviation

A Strong Year

While many passenger airlines from Delta Air Lines (DL) to Norwegian Air Shuttle (DY) have had an extremely tough time amid the COVID-19 pandemic due to low passenger numbers, cargo carriers like 5Y thrived with a demand not only for normal cargo, but the transport of medical supplies.

Atlas Air has also expanded, recently ordering the last Boeing 747-8 freighters to be built. However, there were calls for 5Y to repay US bailout funds due their success during the pandemic but the airline is not legally required to do so.

Furthermore, 5Y has launched a charter program in conjunction with Cainiao to operated between Asia and South America while also renewing an Air Force One pilot training contract.

Overall, 5Y has had a strong year which will likely be reflected in annual results in February.

Featured image: Atlas Air Boeing 747-400 next to a landing Delta Air Lines A321 at MIA Photo: © Max Taubman – @maximumaviation