MIAMI – Watch in 4K! Fly on board Alaska Airlines’ inaugural Boeing 737-9 MAX flight from Seattle (SEA) to San Diego (SAN) in First Class.

Last weekend, I broke from my shelter and took my first overnight trip since January 2020 (yes, 13 months prior!). I flew on Alaska Airlines’ inaugural Boeing 737 MAX flight from Seattle to San Diego.  

I was hoping that Alaska and/or Boeing would put on a big party (or do a big PR push) given their large Seattle presence. Unfortunately, there was nothing. That did not dampen the enthusiasm on board, however, as you will see in my video trip report.


  • 3:00​ – Engine start
  • 3:12​ – Listen to Captain’s special announcement
  • 4:42​ – Takeoff from SEA Runway 16L
  • 6:36​ – Tablet holder and breakfast service
  • 7:20​ – Cabin walkthrough
  • 8:33​ – Descend over LAX
  • 9:58​ – Over Balboa Park
  • 10:24​ – Landing SAN Runway 27
  • 11:44​ – Cockpit

Featured image: Max Langley/Airways