LONDON — Japanese Carrier ANA announced today that there would be further cancelations of flights throughout August as the airline continues to inspect its Dreamliner fleets engines.

It was on Monday this week that the airline announced 176 additional cancelations on top of the 113 they already had planned.

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The airline has canceled a total of 330 domestic flights from July 23 through to July 31’s and has said today that further cancellations next month are likely, however, they did say the number of cancellations is not likely to be as extreme with only a few flights a day being canceled compared with this month.

The airline is due to announce the exact number of flight cancelations next week Tuesday but it is believed that the numbers of cancellations will be around 10 to 20 flights per day half of what it currently is which is 15 to 40 per day.

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The flights have been canceled from 13 airports in Japan which ANA has said has affected around 58,000 passengers and with that number due to rise, the airline will no doubt be looking to correct this as quickly as they can.

Other carriers have had the same problem. Virgin Atlantic, for one, has leased additional A330s to help deal with the 787 disruptions. 

Air New Zealand is another carrier that has been struggling with Trent 1000 problems and has had to lease wide-bodies to counteract the cancellations.

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It is still unclear whether the affected carriers will be seeking compensation from Rolls-Royce over the engine disruptions.

Even though the loss of revenues, credibility, and operational reliability have been severely affected, there have not been any statements on future actions against the engine manufacturer.

The initial forecast for a comprehensive engine solution is scheduled for 2022. However, should network disruptions continue to cripple the operators, the hostility against Rolls-Royce might increase considerably.