MIAMI — In its weekly Arrivals newsletter to employees, American Airlines announced the launch of a further test campaign of its upcoming staff uniforms.

“Starting Sep. 28, more than 80 pilots, flight attendants, Premium Customer Services representatives and airport customer service agents will don the prototypes for the wear test” the airline informed.

During the fashion show event, held in Dallas / Ft. Worth, the uniform committees for cabin crews, pilots and customer services convened for a sneak peek at the new prototypes.

Sneak peek of its upcoming staff uniforms (Credits: American Airlines)
Sneak peek of its upcoming staff uniforms (Credits: American Airlines)

The selected participants will test the uniforms during four weeks, and will provide feedback on the durability, comfort, fit and functionality of the uniforms, thus assessing if these are able to stand up to wear and tear of working conditions. Last January, American tried out an initial eight-week campaign of possible designs which received several critics from the employees.

Once concluded the test campaigns and the designs are frozen, American will start with the transition towards its goal of reinforcing its image, boost employee morale and keep the culture change moving forward, besides modernizing the look of some 70,000 employees. The airline expects to implement the new uniforms by late 2016.