MIAMI – American Airlines (AA) has an ambitious plan to restore passenger confidence in the Boeing 737 MAX aircraft, which could be in the sky very soon. Commercial aviation was shaken by the fatal crashes of the type during Lion Air (JT) flight 610 and Ethiopian Airlines (ET) flight 302 in October and March of 2019 respectively.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) is nearing the completion of the Boeing 737 MAX with agency head Steve Dickson taking the aircraft for an evaluation flight himself.

Boeing 737 MAX. Photo: Boeing

A Real Finish Line

After Thanksgiving, AA plans to offer some customers a chance to see the aircraft in person at airports including Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (DFW), LGA, and MIA.

AA Chief Operating Officer (COO) David Seymour told employees at a town hall that AA is “seeing that finish line approach us and I think it’s a real finish line.”

With employee flights expected to come after Thanksgiving if the aircraft is approved in mid-November, passenger flights are expected to begin between New York LaGuardia Airport (LGA) and Miami International Airport (MIA) on December 29.

With United Airlines (UA) and Southwest Airlines (WN) planning to begin Boeing 737 MAX flights in 2021, AA seems poised to reintroduce the aircraft to the public, reassuring them in terms of safety and reliability. We’ll see if the public feels reassured.

Featured image: American Airlines Boeing 737 MAX 8. Photo: Carlos Lugo.