MIAMI — This week, American Airlines announced that the last of 299 mainline aircraft wearing the US Airways colors, has been repainted in the new American livery, launched in January 2013 a month before  the announcement of the merger between both airlines.

The aircraft, an Airbus A321 (N563UW • MSN 5368), was painted at Deal Baldwin Painting premises located at Grissmon Joint Air Reserve Base (GUS), and was reincorporated into the fleet last November 22, when it flew to Philadelphia as AA9635.

American Airlines produced a cool animation on how the A321 looked before and after the new American livery was applied. (Click on the image below to access the animation)

For those nostalgic for US Airways, American Airlines has left an A321 (N578UW • MSN 6035) in full US Airways colors as part of the carrier’s heritage livery fleet.

American Airlines also informed that some regional aircraft will still be operating in the US Airways Express livery until March 2017, while the old AA Silverbird livery will be around a little longer, as the Boeing 737-800 fleet paint job will be the last to be completed by the end of next year.

Also, some Boeing 757s, as well as the remaining fleet of McDonnell Douglas MD-80s will continue flying in the in the iconic silverbird colors until their retirement. Presumably, American will retire its Silverbird scheme once the last MD-80 leaves the flight line which is scheduled for Summer 2018.