MIAMI – Aeromexico (AM) has confirmed today that it will return 19 leased aircraft and four engines. A US judge approved the airline’s request following its restructuring process.

Taking advantage of its Chapter 11 rights, the company requested to early end some leasing contracts.

Aeromexico Boeing 737-700. Photo: Aero Icarus from Wikimedia Comons.

Aeromexico Aircraft Involved

The request involved five Boeing 737-800, five Boeing 737-700, nine Embraer E170-LR and four GE CF34-8E5 engines.

During July, judge Shelley Chapman of New York Bankruptcy Court authorized the move. Thus, AM will return the mentioned aircraft and engines to their lessors.

In addition, the airline stated that it will agree the logistical terms of sending backs with owners.

Archivo:Aeroméxico Connect Embraer 170 (XA-ALG) at Miami ...
Aeroméxico Connect Embraer 170 (XA-ALG) at Miami International Airport (MIA). Photo: Wiki Commons

Aeromexico Plans for The Future

Despite the action follows carrier’s restructuration, AM said it will not affect its current operations. The later related with its destination and frequencies network.

In fact, the returning of aircraft will allow airline to reduce related costs in their leasing and maintenance.

With this strategy, the company seeks to consolidate a viable and profitable trading platform.

Currently, these efforts committ AM’s fleet and business framework, which also includes all its subsidiaries.

By now, the carrier can further use Chapter 11 provisions to make other adjustments.