Allegiant Air Airbus A319. Photo: Allegiant Air

MIAMI — Las Vegas-based Allegiant has announced today a purchasing agreement for four Airbus A319s from Philippine low-coast carrier (LCC) Cebu Pacific, with deliveries expected to take place between 2017 and 2018.

Allegiant previously agreed to purchase six A319s from the same Asian airline. So far, three of them have been delivered, and the other three will be received later this year. The airline expects to have 85 jetliners in service by the end of the year, 33 of which will be Airbus A320 family aircraft—17 A319s and 16 A320s.

“This agreement to purchase additional aircraft from Cebu Pacific is an important step in our long-term transition to a single fleet type.” Jude Bricker, Allegiant Travel Company chief operating officer said in a statement.

Despite the record numbers of passengers, Allegiant has been in the spotlight after various emergency landings, negative press and questions about its safety — some posed by its own  mechanics and cabin crew staff.

The acquisition is part of the company’s strategy to improve operational efficiency, by replacing older McDonnell Douglas MD-80s. However, their retirement date has been extended, partly due to the drop in fuel prices. Last November, the airline announced the retirement of its five Boeing 757-200s, expected to be completed next August once concluded the carrier’s Hawaii flights.