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Alitalia Restates Commitment to Excellence with New “Made of Italy” Uniforms

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Alitalia Restates Commitment to Excellence with New “Made of Italy” Uniforms

Alitalia Restates Commitment to Excellence with New “Made of Italy” Uniforms
July 05
08:00 2016

Written in Collaboration with Adriano Fidanza

MIAMI — A month ago, the Italian airline launched the new design for its uniforms. The difference between the last and the new ones is noticeable, with a fresh and sophisticated image while keeping its characteristic ageless look. This 180 degree change makes an emphasis on the excellence that Alitalia has provided to its customers since 1946.

The Milanese designer Ettore Bilotta was the mastermind behind this renewed clothing, following a trend started in 2003 and lately in 2014 with Etihad. Interestingly, that he was inspired by the years of golden aviation era, the 1960s and 1970s, when the premise was high fashion across the aisles of the aircraft and the corridors of the airports.

Bilotta tailored the same design in two different colors due to the job duality: red and burgundy for the flight crew, and diverse tones of green for the ground staff.

The ladies wear a blouse underneath a large coat, with a skirt or pants. They have several accessories such as a scarf, a hat inspired on the Cinque Terre terraces, gloves and a handbag. Moreover, all men wear an identical dark green suit with a tie and a handkerchief, that can be burgundy or green. Depending on their jobs, the colors of the accessories change.

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Alitalia has had many designers across the years, from Giorgio Armani to the Fontana Sisters and Renato Belastra. However, it’s undeniable that the Italian style is present on the new clothing, and Bilotta captured the essence of Made of Italy, according to the strategy followed after Etihad’s 49% investment on the airline.

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The new wardrobe has been made with the finest materials, thus restating the glamour, elegance and simplicity in one of the top airlines around the world.

The event was hosted at a hotel in the center of Rome. The president of Alitalia Luca Cordero di Montezemolo, CEO of Alitalia Cramer Ball, and the President and CEO James Hogan, Etihad Aviation Group were at the ceremony.

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