MIAMI – An Aliansa DC-3, HK-2820, was declared missing five minutes after takeoff from Villavicencio La Vanguardia Airport (VVC).

According to Airportia News and Colombia’s Aeronautica Civil, the aircraft was on a training flight with a three-person crew when an emergency was declared after only five minutes of flight, losing contact thereafter.

While search and rescue teams were deployed by Aeronautica Civil and other emergency contingency entities, according to a Jacdec tweet, the aircraft appears to have crashed at the Guatiquia canyon in a mountainous area not far from VVC airport.

Aliansa Aerolineas Andinas

Aliansa – Aerolineas Andinas S.A. – is an airline based in VVC dedicated to air cargo operations. The Douglas DC-3 HK-2820, a C47A-DL type, was first delivered in 1944 to the USAAF. After WWII, it received a civil registration NC79055 and was incorporated in the fleets of Northwest Airlines (NW) and Ozark Airlines (OZ) from 1951 to 1958.

After changing hands several times and being impounded in 1976 by Colombian authorities, the aircraft entered the Aliansa’s fleet in 2007.

Article sourced from Aeronautica Civil de Colombia Press Release,,

Featured image: Aliansa DC3 HK-2820. Photo: Aliansa