MIAMI – Last week, Airbus delivered the last A380 ever built to its customer Emirates Airlines (EK), marking the end of the Super-jumbo-jet production. The aircraft is the 123rd aircraft of the type delivered to EK, by far the biggest customer of the Superjumbo.

The new aircraft is registered as A6-EVS. The double-decker features EK’s First Class Private Suites, its Showers Spas, and even the famous Onboard Bar. Its passengers should enjoy the “latest inflight entertainment systems offering the best-in-sky personal screens and unmatched choice of content.”

Moreover, the airline fitted the brand new jumbo-jet with the new Premium Economy cabin. EK announced a major retrofit for their A380 fleet at the 2021 Dubai Airshow. Indeed, the program will allow “52 of its existing A380 aircraft [to be] fitted with Premium Economy cabins and other enhancements.”

By taking delivery of the last A380, EK is showing confidence in the passenger demand in the coming years, saying, “Receiving delivery of a brand new aircraft amidst an unprecedented global pandemic, Emirates is once again signaling its optimism for industry recovery and the return of travel demand.” EK already showed confidence last month, announcing it will serve 90% of its network by July.

Emirates’ president sir Tim Clark added, “The aircraft we are receiving today features our latest cabin products including Premium Economy. Compare it to our very first A380 delivered back in 2008 and you’ll see the myriad of enhancements and upgrades invested in ensuring that the Emirates A380 experience is unparalleled.”

This is a video of Ek’s last A380 delivery. Video: Emirates

Emirates’ A380 Commitment

The A380 is a very important part of EK’s history. EK already was the first airline to announce an order at the 2000 Farnborough Air Show for the previously-called “A3XX.” The airline then ordered 15 more units at the 2001 Dubai Airshow. As of today, EK has taken delivery of 123 aircraft and the type is an important part of the carrier’s fleet along with the Boeing 777.

Sir Tim Clark underlined his confidence in the Superjumbo. “The A380 is a truly special aircraft in so many ways. For Emirates, it gave us the opportunity to redefine the travel experience, efficiently serve demand at slot-constrained airports, and bolster our network growth. The A380 will remain Emirates’ flagship product for the coming years, and a vital pillar of our network plans.”

Guillaume Faury, Airbus’ CEO, thanked EK, “which has continuously introduced new services and products allowing passengers around the world to experience the unique features of their A380s. On behalf of all Airbus teams, I would like to use this delivery milestone to warmly thank Emirates Airline – the biggest A380 operator in the world – for their unwavering trust and partnership.”

This week marks the end of the A380 production, and many airlines, such as Air France (AF) and Lufthansa (LH) grounded their A380 fleet. However, the type should still be important in the coming years.

This delivery is a sign of the industry’s optimism in looking into the future. The Airbus A380 is a flagship aircraft for EK, and it should still fly around the world for years to come.

Featured image: One of EK’s 123 A380s. Photo: Brad Tisdel/airways