MIAMI – Latvian airline AirBaltic (BT) has recently launched a new sustainability initiative to replace pilot briefing materials with automated flight plans that pilots can access on their iPads.

As BT confirmed in a press release, Martin Gauss, Chief Executive Officer of BT says that the airline introduced iPads for its pilots back in 2014, “saving vast amounts of printed paper each year and providing additional operational efficiency.”

“Now we are taking yet another significant step in the electronic flight bag project, by replacing one of the last documentation that pilots had to print before each flight with a digital solution.”

Photo: AirBaltic

Old Flight Plans

The operational flight plan, weather forecast, and details about the specific airports [Departur, Arrival, and Alternateare] all are in pilot briefing kits. Consequently, pilots had to fill out these documents by hand during the flight and request them for post-flight processing.

Now Pilots can handle the whole procedure through an application using their Ipads.

Photo: AirBaltic

Past and Presents

BT began providing iPads to pilots in 2014, enabling them to stop bringing about 10-15 kg of flight information, manuals, and reference material for each flight.

Moreover, three years back, BT cabin crews received iPads as well. In addition, the Latvian airline BT released its annual sustainability report in October 2020, detailing the success of BT and its subsidiaries in this sector in 2019. You can read more about BT’s sustainability efforts on the carrier’s website.

Featured image: AirBaltic