MIAMI — Canadian Leisure carrier, Air Transat, has pushed forward its last Airbus A310 flight to April 27, 2020.

Only six A310s remain in operation at Air Transat. At its peak, the airline’s A310 fleet consisted of 14 planes.

The venerable Air Transat A310, which averages an age of 29 years old, has been a key part of the airline’s fleet since 1999. Most of these planes joined in after flying for Emirates, Lufthansa, and TAP Portugal.

Photo: RHL Images

But today, with the recent delivery of the first of 15 A321LRs, the era of the Airbus widebody is rapidly approaching its end.

Air Transat brought the Airbus A310 to replace its older L-1011 Tristars. Since then, the carrier has deployed the twin-aisle airliner on a myriad of medium- to long-haul routes, including transatlantic hops to Europe, and five-hour journeys to the Caribbean.

The Canadian leisure carrier, which is about to become part of Air Canada’s portfolio, has been taking delivery of some second-hand Airbus A330-200s, which have also helped the airline accelerate the A310’s retirement.

Air Transat currently has 16 A330-200s, and four A330-300s, with an average age of 17.6 Years.

The Last Flights On Schedule

Air Transat has filed an updated schedule for the remaining A310 flights during Summer 2020.

From the airline’s base in Montreal, the A310 will fly to Pointe-a-Pitre on March 29th, departing back to Montreal the following week on April 5th.

Varadero will be its second route, departing on March 31st. Cartagena, in Colombia, follows on April 4th, with Marseille and Santa Clara scheduled on April 24th.

Photo: Airwim

A nice transatlantic flight to Marseille is scheduled for April 25th, together with Samana on April 26th, and Roatan on April 27th.

According to the schedule, the Roatan flight will be Air Transat’s last A310 flight. However, this may be subject to change.

Changing hubs to Quebec City, the A310 will fly to Puerto Vallarta on April 9th, Punta Cana on April 18th, to Cancun on April 26th, and to Paris-CDG on April 26th.

The Paris-CDG rotation will return the following day back to Quebec City and will be the last Trans-Atlantic flight operated by an A310 carrying passengers. This, too, is subject to change.

From Toronto, the A310 will be deployed to Samana on March 29th, Porto on March 29th, and Manchester on March 30th. Likewise, the Manchester to Toronto flight will be the last Trans-Atlantic passenger flight to the UK on an A310.

Stay tuned for more developments on Air Transat’s last Airbus A310 flights.