MIAMI – Air Serbia (JU) has implemented a new mobile application called “SkyBreathe” to monitor and control fuel consumption. The app is intended for JU flight crews only, according to an airline press release.

The application will provide JU crews with insight into all the flights they have carried out and with the ability to analyze each stage of the flight, compare deviations between the implementation and the flight plan, and monitor the successfulness of initiatives implemented to reduce the emission of gasses.

The application also offers pilots an excess of information that can help with their activities before take-off and after the flight itself.

Since 2013, Air Serbia has been actively participating in the EU ETS (European Union Emissions Trading System) process, which includes monitoring of CO2 emissions in the European Union territory.

Photo: Francesco Cecchetti/Airways


As of 2019, JU also joined the Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation (CORSIA) by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). As of October 2020, JU became a part of the ‘SkyBreathe’ community and joined the ranks of international airlines which also use this software intended to protect the environment.

Air Serbia CEO Duncan Naysmith stated, “Care for the environment represents an inseparable part of our everyday operations and we are satisfied that the initiatives we launched are yielding results. During 2019, we have managed to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by almost three thousand tons.

The CEO added, “Our pilots are the main contributors to our fuel consumption reduction because the procedures toward this goal are generally undertaken during flights. The use of this mobile application will further enhance the optimization process, and we are looking forward to every new step toward a more sustainable future of the airline industry.”

Featured image: Air Serbia. Luca Flores/Airways