Here’s the summary of our newest issue, just for you! The 269th issue of Airways Magazine since 1994:

Let’s begin with a review of our Editor-In-Chief, Enrique Perrella, who takes us to Italy for a look at the rebirth of Meridiana, Air Italy, now emerging as a strong challenger to Alitalia as the country’s flag carrier.

Are you into adventures and once-in-lifetime memories?

Then this might be your lucky day! Guy Zunino travels to Pointe-à-Pitre and explains how the low-cost carriers are playing an essential role in the airport’s growth. 

Meanwhile, Andreas Spaeth looks behind the scenes of one the world’s most unusual airports. Take a look at it!

Would you like to hop across the Pacific with Qantas & Air Canada?

We fly round-trip from Vancouver to Sydney on Qantas’s Airbus A380 and Air Canada’s Boeing 777-200(LR), seated next to Ken Donohue

Now, sit back and relax, because Rohan Anand catches up with the CEO of Avianca Brasil, Frederico Pedreira, on how the carrier has dealt with the Brazilian recession and become a significant player in the local market.

But don’t get too comfortable, because here at Airways we love to fly back and forth, especially when it comes to iconic carriers with intriguing experiences.

Therefore, relieve the colorful history of Trans World Airlines (TWA)in the 1950s with David H. Stringerwho takes us back to ‘Fly the Finest’.

Last but not least, we have a question for yourself. Is the life of an Airline Pilot easy?

Well, Justin Schlechter has a long-held contempt for aviators who use that phrase to describe what they do in a story titled “Easy”.

That’s a wrap for this issue, AvGeeks. Until the next one! We’d love to talk more about this issue, but wouldn’t you prefer to discover it yourself? Now available at our Store and on the newsstands.