Transavia Netherlands Boeing 737-800 PH-HSM - Photo : Aklberto Cucini/Airways

MIAMI – Air France Group Press Service (AF) has confirmed that a Request For Proposal (RFP) has been sent to both Airbus and Boeing.

The RFP, which covers up to 160 single-aisle aircraft, is not an aircraft order by itself but only a request to submit proposals for a particular type, in this case, single-aisle aircraft.

Generally speaking, an RFP is a business document that announces a project, describes it, and solicits bids from qualified contractors, in this case, Airbus and Boeing, to complete it.

Airbus A320 F-WWAI in house colors. Photo: Alberto Cucini/Airways

KLM, Transavia France/Netherlands Fleet Upgraded

The RFP, subdivided between Boeing 737s and Airbus 320 and 220, is intended for the renewal and strengthening of KLM’s (KL) medium-haul fleet, as well as Transavia France (TO) and Transavia Netherlands (HV), both being low-cost subsidiary within the AF Group.

Airbus A220-300 C-FFDO. Photo: Airbus Media

Route Increase

Air France has also told Airways it is not part of the scope of the RFP as the French carrier has already “initiated the renewal of its medium-haul fleet, with an order of 60 Airbus A220, with deliveries starting in September.”

The AF Group has recently started to increase its presence in the domestic, European, and Mediterranean low-cost sectors by increasing routes and services.