MIAMI – In order to overcome crowding and queues, Air France (AF) has started a new document verification service termed “Ready to Fly.” The measure is effective since Saturday, July 17 on certain domestic and French overseas destinations.

The initiative aims to put at the disposal of customers a tool allowing an advance check of all required health travel documents, well before coming to the airport, and obtain a web boarding pass bearing the mention “Ready to Fly”.

Passengers flying on eligible flights, for the moment limited to Corsica and French overseas departments, are invited to share their health documents, thru an online platform, for verification. Once the documents are validated, an e-mail of confirmation is sent and the boarding pass issued accordingly.

Air France Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner. Photo: Alberto Cucini/Airways

Serene Travel

Passengers holding a “Ready to Fly” boarding pass would be able to bypass part of the check-in procedures and will be more easily processed by the AF airport staff when going thru health documents verification.

The aim pursued by AF is to offer its customers a more serene approach to travel with the certitude that their travel documentation is in order for boarding. Moreover, the passage thru pre-departure controls would be easier and streamlined.

The service, free of charge and facultative, has been trialed since June and after being introduced on French domestic routes will be soon extended to other destinations served by AF.

Article sourced on Air France Corporate Press Release

Featured image: Air France Airbus 350-900 F-HTYC. Photo: Casey Groulx/Airways