Photo: Bastiaan Hart.

MIAMI – Air Belgium (KF) will suspend its commercial operations until June 3. The suspension of services affects the Brussels South Charleroi, Belgium and French Antilles regions, according to the carrier.

In a statement, the airline said that the decision was made considering the current COVID-19 crisis, noting that all passengers concerned by the suspension who had booked via were contacted.

The airline did state that it is still operating repatriation flights and said that passengers who booked via a travel agency or a tour operator would have to contact the seller.

Just almost two years ago, KF had finally completed its inaugural flight to Hong Kong after numerous delays that pushed back the airline’s planned departure date.

The delays were down to numerous reasons with the airline needing to tackle issues such as not being able to obtain overfly rights from the Russian government in time for the first flight, which was originally planned to be in April 2018.

While fixing their GDS system allowed Chinese travelers to book with the airline at the time, today’s issues are far from political or technical, but ones that no one in the industry conceived would ever occur, at least not at the scale of the current health crisis.