MIAMI – Air Austral (UU), based at Roland Garros Airport (RUN), La Réunion Island of the French territory has received its first Airbus A220 aircraft. Two more are expected to join as well in the coming days. The aircraft will however make it to the island on 12 August.  

Back in 2019, The airline concluded the A220 deal with Airbus in order to modernize its fleet in terms of efficiency, Passenger offering, and fleet homogeneity.

The three A220-300 will replace UU’s existing fleet of two Boeing 737-800NG and one ATR 72-500. The registration mark on these three aircraft once assigned, will each have a meaning in regard to the nature of the island: F-OLAV (lava), F-OMER (sea), F-OTER (land).

The aircraft will be a perfect fit for the airlines’ short and medium-haul flights. The cabin will feature 132 seats in total, 12 in Business class and 120 in Economy.

Comments from Air Austral CEO

Marie-Joseph Malé Chairman and CEO of UU said, “The reception of this new aircraft is a very strong moment for Air Austral, all the more so in this context of epidemic crisis that we have been suffering for over a year. The Airbus A220-300 opens up new horizons for us. This is the device we needed to confirm our vanguard position in the Indian Ocean while maintaining the prospects of sustainable profitability.”

“Its level of comfort and performance allow us an undeniable leap in both operational and environmental efficiency. Our regional service is gaining new momentum. More than ever, we are ready for the recovery.”

These fuel-efficient aircraft will initially operate to Mauritius and Mayotte from La Reunion and eventually fly to Seychelles, South Africa, Madagascar, and India.

Once these aircraft arrive at the island, the overall fleet size will stand at eight aircraft:

  • 3 Airbus A220-300
  • 3 Boeing 777-300ER
  • 2 Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner

The widebodies fly to mainland France (Paris and Marseille), Bangkok in Thailand, and also to other Indian Ocean islands.

Featured image: Airbus